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We Are Science

The Story Collider recently celebrated its two-year anniversary. We were inspired by Kevin Zelnio’s #IAmScience project—a way of telling the stories of the twisted and unorthodox paths to careers in science—and unexpectedly moved by Mindy Weisberger’s video of tweets. Those stories and tweets tell a dazzling array of stories about scientists, a kind that a lot of people never hear. It’s a project that’s perfect for The Story Collider.

So, we made the theme of our anniversary show #IAmScience. And, since we could only have four stories in the event itself, we asked Mindy and friend of the show Aaron Wolfe to help us make a short video so many more people could tell their stories. You can see the video above, or click through for a larger version. These are all excerpts; we’re planning to make longer versions for each person who came and told their story. Stay tuned for those.

Also, during the show we asked audience members to write down their stories and hand them to us. Some we read on stage, but you can read them all here.


Directed and Edited by
Mindy Weisberger

Director of Photography and Camera Operator
Aaron Wolfe (podcast)

Produced by
Erin Barker and Ben Lillie

Music by _ghost_

Shelly Ben David: Social Worker
Deborah Berebichez: Physicist and Science Popularizer (podcast)
Cat Bohannon: PhD Student, Narrative and Cognition (podcast)
Samuel Crane: PhD Student, Entomology
Matt Danzico: Journalist (podcast)
Jeanne Garbarino: Biochemist (podcast)
Meghan Groome: Science Educator (podcast)
Amy Harmon: Journalist (podcast)
Smriti Keshari: Documentary Filmmaker
Lance Langstrom: Geneticist
Eric LoPresti: Painter (podcast)
Luis Quevedo: Radio Producer
Theanne Schiros: Physicist
Lou Serico: Forensic Scientist (podcast)
Julian Taub: Science Writer
Kelly Vaughn: Science Teacher (podcast)
Mindy Weisberger: Media Writer / Producer